Paul Schneider directing Fifty Minutes

Respect for creativity & craft

I am a film, television and commercial director living in LA.  


As a professional skateboarder, I first entered the creative sphere as an artist and graphic designer, receiving my degree at the College for Creative Studies and an MFA in Cranbrook’s Design program where I began to foster a deep love of storytelling as told through design, motion and cinema.


Following Cranbrook, I was a Design Professional and Academic serving as an educator at the Art Center in Pasadena, the ECAL design program in Switzerland, and Fabrica in Italy.


I co-founded WIDEOPENSPACES, a boutique studio specializing in film and design for the art, fashion, and action sports communities. The knowledge gained from running my own firm helped me land the position of Executive Creative Director for Digital Kitchen, an innovative film and design studio responsible for a vast array of advertising projects, most notable for its memorable, Emmy-winning Film and Television opening credits. My position at DK enabled me to explore my passion for directing.


My professional work has focused primarily on commercials and promotions for film and television. With hundreds of projects to my credit, I am honored to have helmed extensive, creative, and award-winning work for top clients around the world. I consider my style authentic, diverse and energetic, which is highlighted by recent campaigns for HBO, TOYOTA, HYUNDAI and AT&T. 


Recently, I also created FIFTY MINUTES, a tense chamber thriller featuring Stephen Tobolowsky and DJ Qualls, which is now enjoying a successful festival run. 


With hands-on experience in design, cinematography, and visual effects I’m constantly working to hone the details in my craft. And a passion for writing keeps my imagination nimble, while providing fresh angles and nuanced exploration into the stories I pursue.